Terms & Conditions:
Last modified: 29.03.2018 at 15:48

Duration :
These Terms shall continue to bind you for so long as you make use of Our Services yet also in case you don’t want to use Our Services.

Payment Info :

– CC payments Merchant Name: Burchiu.Ro
– External Products are purchased directly from other Vendors

Digital Goods Delivery :

– In Most cases Delivery is Authorized Manually as soon as your Payment is Confirmed
– We offer multiple types of services please inquire via Skype before making a purchase, if the situation is unclear
– External Products delivery depends on each Vendor’s T&C

Cancelling Orders & Refunds :

– Cancelling orders can Only be made for Internal Products & Services that were not yet delivered
– Refunds Percentage will be calculated depending on the used amount or/and usage period, and will be refunded in a 1-30 days timeframe

Products & Services :

– All Internal Products & Services are delivered “AS IS” or “AS AGREED”
– All External Products & Services are subject to their own Vendor T&C, thus we are not subject to any liability
– All Products & Services are constituted separate and distinct
– We Make Changes, check T&C and ask for clarifications or we consider you as Informed
– Rendered Services have a list price of 20 EUR/hour charged by 1 hour unit.
– Fidelity Discounted Prices of 10 EUR/hour, and up to 50% Discount on Internal and/or External Services, Payments After the Completion of Delivery of Service/Product, etc.
Applied to our Customers do not have a permanent or retroactive character, and will be discontinued at any time depending of the manner in which you conduct your business with us
– All Products & Services are the Sole Intellectual Property of Burchiu Alberto, You Pay for the Right to Use, for a long as all other conditions are met

Failing to Make Payment or Breach of T&C, Confidentiality, and/or Improper Business Conduct with Us will result in Permanent Discontinuance of Acquired Services with No Refunds; Damages, Procedural Costs and Reactivation Fees may Apply.