Terms & Conditions:
Last modified: April 2023

Duration :
These Terms shall continue to bind you for so long as you make use of Our Services yet also in case you don’t want to use Our Services.

Payment Info :

– CC payments Merchant Name: Burchiu.Ro
– External Products are purchased directly from other Vendors

Digital Goods Delivery :

– In Most cases Delivery is Authorized Manually as soon as your Payment is Confirmed
– We offer multiple types of services please inquire via Skype before making a purchase, if the situation is unclear
– External Products delivery depends on each Vendor’s T&C

Cancelling Orders & Refunds :

– Cancelling orders can Only be made for Internal Products & Services that were not yet delivered
– Refunds Percentage will be calculated depending on the used amount or/and usage period, and will be refunded in a 1-30 days timeframe

Products & Services :

– All Internal Products & Services are delivered “AS IS” or “AS AGREED”
– All External Products & Services are subject to their own Vendor T&C, thus we are not subject to any liability
– All Products & Services are constituted separate and distinct
– We Make Changes, check T&C and ask for clarifications or we consider you as Informed
– Rendered Services have a list price of 20 EUR/hour charged by 1 hour unit.
– Fidelity Discounted Prices of 10 EUR/hour, and up to 50% Discount on Internal and/or External Services, Payments After the Completion of Delivery of Service/Product, etc.
applied to our Customers do not have a permanent or retroactive character, and will be discontinued at any time depending of the manner in which you conduct your business with us
– All Products & Services are the Sole Intellectual Property of Burchiu Alberto, You Pay for the Right to Use, for a long as all other conditions are met


All colected data will be used only for the purpose it has been collected for, and it is not disclosed to third parties, feel fre to contact us if you have any concerns

Failing to Make Payment or Breach of T&C, Confidentiality, and/or Improper Business Conduct with Us will result in Permanent Discontinuance of Acquired Services with No Refunds; Damages, Procedural Costs and Reactivation Fees may Apply.